Wildlife sanctuary

A home for the unfortunate wild animals

The Zoo of the Pyrenees foundation is an non-profit organisation. We welcome and take care of wild animals bad treated or hurt. If it is possible, we release back to the wild the most healthy and strong ones.

But sometimes releasing them back to the wild it will be a death sentence. In that case, we give them a new home in our wild animal refugee. Depending on the animal they can participate in educational activities oriented to the public or we give them a chance to breed in captivity. If the breed, we can release their babies.

Why Zoo and not animal refugee?

Why zoo
Rescue and rehabilitation of injured or abused animals
Breeding and releasing young animals back to the wild
Wild¡life refugee for the ones that can not go back to the nature.

Who are we

We are a family that share our home with wild animals that are hurt or bad treated by people.

If we can not rehabilitate the wild animals to release them, we give the animals a new home and we try to have them as happier as we can, depending on their physical injuries and our economical situation.

How do we finance the wildlife refugee?

We don’t receive any support from the government for the maintenance of the animals.

Is your support that allow us to take care of the animals that are in need.

How can you participate?

Visit the zoo

With the entrance fee we can continue our job.
In exchange, we guarantee an unforgettable experience with wild animals.


It doesn’t matter your age, where do you live or if you have economical resources or not. We all can help the wildlife of our country.

And we should begin now.

Our staff

Stania Kuspertova
Stania Kuspertova
Founder of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.
Expert in birds of prey.
28 years of experience in falconry.
Mother of two sons and a daughter.
Eloi Arenas Lopez
Eloi Arenas Lopez
Founder of the Zoo of the Pyrenees
Expert in taking care of wild animals
32 years of experience
A great naturalist and communicator


We work closely with the Government of Catalonia
We are a collaborating centre of “la Junta de Andalucía”
We work with scientists in the field of environmental protection and education
We provide quality experiences that have the Ecotourism seal of the Catalan Tourism Agency.
We have a team of mentors that include leading naturalists of our country

The park

Our property has 26 hectares, 5 of which are actually used as the wildlife refugee.

You can visit the Zoo of the Pyrenees everyday. We recommend attending the activities during which you will be in direct contact with the animals of the refugee: you will be able to feed and pet them. You will learn how to protect our environment in an entertaining way.

Map of the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Map of the Zoo of the Pyrenees