Visitor Rules in the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Animal welfare and security for park visitors 

We take your safety and animal well-being very seriously.

Incivious behavior towards animals, Zoo staff or other visitors may be punished with the immediate expulsion of offenders.

Read the Visitor Rules to ensure that you visit to the zoo will be great experiens not only for you, but also for other visitants amb for the animals than live in our park.

Visitors younger than 13 years
Small children

Children younger than 13 years must be accompanied by adults.

Assistance dogs
Dogs & Other Pets

Pets are not allowed (with the exception of assistance dogs – Law 19/2009, of November 26 – with the corresponding health care documentation and condition of a care dog).

Follow the marked paths
Following the paths

Visitors must follow the marked paths, and only on foot. It is not allowed to cross the security barriers.

Vegetation of the park may not be damaged.
Respect for the property of others

The vegetation of the park, property of the zoo and of others the  visitors  may not be damaged.

You may feed animals
Alimentation of animals

It is strictly forbidden to feed and touch animals without the guidance of our guide.

Aproach the animals with respect
Respect for animals

Exposed animals should be treated with respect, not disturbed by noise or inappropriate or dangerous behavior.

Do not throw stones agains the animals.
Dangerous behaviour

Throwing stones is forbidden throughout the park. Throwing objects against animal cages is punished with the immediate expulsion of offenders.

Alert the zoo employees about dangerous situations.
Collaboration in the protection of animals and visitors

Visitors should notifie Zoo employees about violations againts this rules and situations that threaten the safety of other people or animals.

Visitor Rules during the show.
Animal Show

During the show the visitors cannot eat and the seat cannot be left without the authorization of the zoo staff. You cannot throw any kind of object.

Ask for the autorization.
Professional photos and videos

Ask for the express authorization of the organization if you want to make photographs or recordings for professional or commercial purposes.

Follow the Visitor Rules.

The Zoo of the Pyrenees is not responsible for damages caused by the breach of these rules or the incorrect use of its facilities.

We may not let you in to our park.
Right of admission

The Zoo of the Pyrenees is reserving the right of admission.


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