Project Description

Common kestrel | Jake

A little troublemaker without parents

Jake is a male common kestrel.

He was born in wild nature but someone stole him from his parents nest. Jake grew up with this person until the person got tired of him, he put him in a box and left it in the entrance of  the Wild animal rescue centre Vallcalent in Lleida.

  • Date of birth: Spring 2016

  • Origin: Vallcalent wild animal rescue centre

  • What does he like? Getting mad with Stania 😉

  • What doesn’t he like? Routine.

  • Professional experience: Show of birds of prey / Zoo is going to the school / Falconry experience

Jake didn’t have good luck ans he couldn’t grow up in a natural way. That’s why he shouldn’t return back to the wild. He is used to get food from his keepers. If he would go back to the wild and he would become hungry, he could attack people in expectation that they would give him aliments.

Photo: Maria Pino Bernadas


Jake is an enthusiastic hard-worker. He enjoy flying and, sometimes, he pranks. For this reason, we included him in different activities of the Zoo of the Pyrenees. If he wouldn’t fly every day he could get aggressive, however with regular exercise he is very sweet and happy.

During the show, sometimes, he decides to escape. He flies around and returns back to the show a bit later. He arrives into the amphitheatre with a spectacular and fast flight. Other times he flies so close to the spectators that he dishevels them with his feathers.

Jake lands on a hand during the birds of prey free flying show at the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

Photo: Albert Codina

Falconry experience
Falconry experience
The participants of the falconry experience make Jake fly in a free way.

Photo: Mireia Pàmies

Zoo goes to the school
Zoo goes to the school
Jake impress the kids with his agile flight during the activity Zoo goes to the school.


Photos sent by the visitors of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

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