Experiència animal amb un cabrit

Photo: Lluís Barniol

Animal experience

Animal Experience is a unique activity for all the family.
Quality time, unforgettable memories and love for animals
  • Mammals, eagles, owls from our country.
  • You will feed and caress animals.
  • Animal experience duration: 1 hour

  • You can take photos and videos during the activity.

  • You can choose the animals you want.
  • Maximum 5 people for session.

Animal experience is private, 100% adaptable to you. A park worker will be at your disposal during the session: for your security and for the animal well-being.

Take a lifetime memory home. Take photos of your family with the animals of the Zoo.

Animal Experience FAQ

Animal experience info
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Animals you can interact with during the experience.

You can choose the ones you like.


The procedure of the activity will be 100% adapted to your interest.

Activitat familiar pels amants d'animals

Photo: Antonio Chaparro


Our educators will accompany you inside the cages of the animals not normally visited.

You can choose between these wild animals:

  • Feeding and caressing daina Esquitx squirrel. Maybe, your shoes are detached. We have no idea of why he does that, but he loves it.
  • Entering the Patufet squirrel enclosure. If you’re luky he will climb you and eat by the hand
  • Entering the Nikki fox enclosure. You have to be patient. Nikki is excited when she sees somebody she doesn’t know. When she gets used to you, you’ll be able to scratch her belly.
  • To the brave! You can enter the boar enclosure. There are 5 boars, but Ariel, the chief, will be the one that approaches you. Whe she stretches out, you can scratch her belly.

  • Feeding roe deers. (Only available in winter, when male Frac has no horns)


Birds are an important part of our haven. However, not all the animals are suited for each person. Some of you want to interact with an eagle or an owl, but other people could feel scary.

We will adapt to you. We will choose the animals in order to let you joy with this family activity with tranquility

  • Feed the vultures by the hand.
  • Choose the owls that you like. You can carry them in your hand and if you’re brave, you can make them fly.
  • The ones that are brave can feed Bella golden eagle.
  • You can have a “family photo” with all the participants having an eagle or an owl in your hand.
  • You can carry Phineas raven on your hand.
Activitat familiar amb aus rapinyaires

Photo: Gemma & Ot

Experiència amb animals per families

Photo: Aniol de Ribot Ladero


Animal experience has a duration of 1 hour. We recommend to choose 4-5 animals maximum

The animals that participate in this family activity have been interacting for so long with people that they cannot go back to nature. They don’t recognize their specie.

Contact and interaction with humans is essential for their well-being.

All these animals are prepared for the experience. Adapting to human contact is a small challenge for them. Without the task of overcoming small challenges life in captivity would be boring.

At the same time, this contact between humans and animals raises the awareness of wildlife issues.

Price of the animal experience

Animal experience has a price for group. The price is the same even if it participates 1 person or 5.

  • Online price: 40€ for group.
  • Price at the zoo: 50€ per grup

Number of participants: 1 – 5 people.

If children under the age of 18 are involved in the activity, they must be accompanied by an adult.

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If it rains a lot, the activity can’t be done. You have the possibility of cancelling the session and asking for refund, or changing the date. Here you will find all the information.

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Activitat familiar amb animals

Photo: Lluís Barniols

Animal experience rules

There are wild animals in this activity.

For your security, a park worker wil accompany you during the session, telling you the basic things to keep in mind before direct interacting with each animal.

It’s very important to follow the directions of the park worker.

We recommend you to read the Zoo of the Pyrenees rules before coming.

General rules of the park
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Limited places.

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